Mungaso productions was founded circa 2002 as a vehicle for releasing and promoting musical, written and visual works from artists Stevenson Sedgwick, Vera Blum among others.

Mungaso.com also exists as a free archive of music by Stevenson Sedgwick and others that may be out of print or never property released. Mungaso.com does this free of charge. We are constantly growing this archive. Donation are much appreciated to help keep the lights on.

Mungaso Productions has worked with the following musical artists, among others: The Phantom Limbs, Black Ice, CKDS, Factory of Angst, Zoobastic Front and The Electrocution Boys

Please check out Mungaso Productions on YouTube to see videos by Black Ice, The Phantom Limbs and The Electrocution Boys + some of our favortie videos other people made of the Limbs, Factory of Angst and more + just some of our favorite videos that have nothing to do with us, but nevetheless, are quite good.