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Stevenson Sedgwick (the phantom limbs, factory of angst) and Sköt B (anal kitties, the phantom limbs) formed Black Ice in 1999 as vehicle for their more experimental and atmospheric music pursuits.

Black Ice concentrated on making music with a wide range of conventional and unconventional instruments including: violins, piano, piano wire, wine glasses, a broken organ, samplers, synthesizers (broken and unbroken), water faucets, an assortment of drums, percussion, guitars and bass. Their early music was primarily instrumental and was often used in the service of art performances and independent films in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wanting to break out from thier mainly instrumental mold and lacking the vocal talents to do thier music justice, 2001 saw the addition of Kelly Correll Brown on vocals. The band, now a three piece, set to work on a four song demo. The demo was well received and the trio now set out to form a band that could perform their songs live. In 2002, Black Ice enlisted the aid of Mister Brown (the freaks, sister mary shoelace) and Melanie X (teeth, unicorn stickers) for this purpose.

Their debut record, A 10" EP on atakra records, contained work from their demo as well as songs written as a 5- piece and was released to critical acclaim.

After several compilation appearances, their debut full length cd was released on Hungry Eye Records in May 2005 to similar critical acclaim with many calling it the best or one of the best records of the year.

Black Ice has played extensively on the West Coast as well as a small tour of the East Coast in 2005.

Myopia, the much anticipated follow-up to Terrible Birds, was released in March 2007. Black Ice conducted a much lauded tour of Europe in support in featuring Mia Weeg on bass and keys.

In 2009, Black Ice self-released the experimental "Block Ice EP", which quickly sold out. They played a handful of west coast shows in suppot.

This October 2010 will see the release of the third full-lenth album "Before the First Light" on Hungry Eye Records. Black Ice, now a 4-piece will play a very limited engagement of shows in the western US in support.