Factory of Angst

We worried in the Factory of Angst.

1992 - 1995


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Factory of Angst released their infamous cassette only "Journal of the Plague Year" in 1993 to an unsuspecting LA public. The music was a twisted mix of morden day death and industrial with a strangely Tin Pan Alley or vaudvillian counterpoint. Tacs and Bones encorporated
everything from the traditional guitar, bass, piano to toy flutes, malfunctioning synthesizers and bedframes. Some dubbed their music "Classical Industrial" others simple called it "Wizardry."

Their much anticipated follow-up "Trackmarks to the Moon" was never released after a bitter struggle with a major label over publishing rights. After many years of legal wrangling the songs are back in their rightful place: the factory.

Factory of Angst were:

Bones McAngst (aka Stevenson Sedgwick)
Tacs Namerf (aka Scott Freeman)

Additional musicians:

Skot B. - Percussion on "Don't Know Much About Werewolves "
William "The Refridgerator" Perry - Backing Vocals on "Coolaide Fist Nocturnal"

The Factory of Angst is only in your head... Long Live the Factory!


From Factory of Angst - The Essential Factory of Angst

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Factory of Angst
Bring on the Lettuce
Don't Know Much About Werewolves
I Forgot How to Forget
Plague Years
Here Child Finish Your Nothing
Shadows on the Wall
I Weep For the Gothic Children
Splat at Your Feet
Trackmarks to the Moon
Message from Limbo
Thee Thrash Song
6th Room
Coolaide Fist Nocturnal