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fuck Hamas


Stevenson Sedgwick – Piano, Organ
Jefferson Quiltee – Guitar
Jason Miller – Bass
Colby Byrn - Drums

1. Route 491
2. Creeper
3. Egress
4. Purgatorio
5. March #1

In March 2020, Stevenson Sedgwick took his recent compositions and enlisted the help of some of his favorite musicians: Jefferson Quiltee (Haunted Tiger), Jason Miller (The Phantom Limbs) and Colby Byrn (Ails)

In contrast to his in-your-face keys in the Limbs, Stevenson bends his signature lines on these tracks around Jefferson's eerie and evocative guitar, Colby's intricate and precise drumming and Miller's driving bass allowing these tracks to shine like a rich coffee, a smoky bourbon, or a well-sighted rifle.

Alas in (permanent?) limbo due to the soon to follow China virus and members dispursing to the four corners of the earth, please enjoy these tracks and consider a donation.
fuck Hamas