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Mungaso Productions Exclusive Releases:

MUNGASO 001 -The Phantom Limbs 6 Song Demo CD-r [out of print]
MUNGASO 002/SPAM 032 -The Phantom Limbs / Fleshies Split 7" [out of print]
MUNGASO 003 - The Phantom Limbs - The Early Years 1999-2000 VHS NTFS [out of print]
MUNGASO 004 - Black Ice - 4 Song Demo CD-r [out of print]
MUNGASO 005 - The Phantom Limbs - The Early Years 1999-2000 DVD[out of print]
MUNGASO 006 - Black Ice - Block Ice EP [2009][out of print]

Mungaso Productions worked with Atakra Records to bring you these fine releases:

ATAKRA001 The Phantom Limbs - Hot Knives and Hornets 7" [out of print]
ATAKRA002 Black Ice - Eve EP 10"

Mungaso Productions w/ Chicago Kid Productions Produced:

The Phantom Limbs - Whole Loto Love: Live Limbs 1999 - 2004 DVD
(part of the Accept the Juice CD /Whole loto love DVD on ALternative Tentacles)

Future Planned Releases:

Black Ice - Rarities
Strawberry Trip Monster Vol. I - XXX
Zoobastic Front
Mojave Jones - The Essential Mojave Jones (1945 - 1995)
Mossad - s/t Debut
Children of the Esophagus - Epistassophagusteria

Some Other Stuff

Check Out the trailer for Whole Loto Love!

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