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Happy Polish-American History Quarter 2024!

Check out Wolf Interval / Recluse Consortium! Stevenson's project from 2020
with members of The Phantom Limbs, Haunted Tiger and Ails!

"NEW" Factory Of Angst track from 2020: If You Come My Way (Ant Ah)

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Factory Of Angst downloads now available from! Check it here!

Check out some solo works by Stevenson Sedgwick here! (Currently we've got some oldies up, but look for more recent works in the near future.)

Every line's a'rhymin' / I drink lemon, not limon. - MC Scapegoat (c) '99

*** 4 tracks of the legendary Electrocution Boys now availiable for download! Check them here!

*** Mungaso Productions releases 4 Song Black Ice EP - BLOCK ICE EP! (mungaso 006)
[update: out of print!]

*** The Phantom Limbs - Accept the Juice / Whole Loto Love CD /DVD is finally here!
You can buy it here. Here's the trailer:

*** Check out the new SourKraut page here What a band!!!

   Who or what is Mungaso Productions?   

Mungaso productions was created as a vehcile to showcase the work of some of the
SFVs most infamous expatriated sons and daughters. Mungaso Productions has worked with,
among others: The Phantom Limbs, Black Ice, CKDS, Factory of Angst,
and The Electrocution Boys.

Please check out Mungaso Productions on YouTube to see videos by Black Ice,
The Phantom Limbs and The Electrocution Boys + some of our favortie videos other
people made of the Limbs, Factory of Angst and more + just some of our favorite
videos that have nothing to do with us, but nevetheless, are quite good.

Previous Mungaso Releases:

MUNGASO 001 - The Phantom Limbs 6 Song Demo CD-r [out of print]
MUNGASO 002  /SPAM 032 - The Phantom Limbs / Fleshies Split 7" [out of print]
MUNGASO 003 - The Phantom Limbs - The Early Years 1999-2000 VHS NTFS [out of print]
MUNGASO 004 - Black Ice - 4 Song Demo CD-r [out of print]

MUNGASO 005 - The Phantom Limbs - The Early Years 1999-2000 DVD[out of print]
MUNGASO 006 - Black Ice - Block Ice EP [2009][out of print]

Mungaso Productions worked with Atakra Productions to bring you these fine releases:

ATAKRA001 The Phantom Limbs - Hot Knives and Hornets 7" [out of print]
ATAKRA002 Black Ice - Eve EP 10"

Mungaso Productions w/ Chicago Kid Productions Produced:

The Phantom Limbs - Whole Loto Love: Live Limbs 1999 - 2004

Planned Future Mungaso Releases (?)::


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